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Whitening toothpastes are the easiest way to clear surface stains from your teeth. With regular use, these 4 Italian market whitening toothpastes will give you a bright, refreshed smile in just a matter of weeks.

With so many whitening toothpastes to choose from, who have we chosen as our 4 best? Let’s take a look.

1. AZ 3D White

Az is one of the best-known toothpastes in the world (known elsewhere under the original brand name “Crest”). Their newest offering, 3D white, comes in a convenient, cost-effective 2-pack. Az 3D white removes up to 95% of surface stains from teeth; a remarkable achievement for an over-the-counter whitening toothpaste.

2. Marvis Whitening Gel

Based in Florence, Italy, nothing elevates a bathroom shelf like seeing a tube of Marvis toothpaste. The beautifully designed packaging is second only to the beautiful smile their whitening gel will leave you with. Marvis’ creamy formula uses silica rather than peroxide to whiten your teeth, all with a flavour unlike any other toothpaste you’ll try.

3. Sensodyne Extra Whitening

Sensitive teeth are a concern when it comes to whitening. Those who suffer from overly sensitive teeth often can’t benefit from teeth whitening in a dental practice. Even whitening toothpastes can be uncomfortable for some.

Luckily Sensodyne has an Extra Whitening toothpaste specially for those with sensitive teeth. It allows them to enjoy the benefits of home tooth whitening without the discomfort normally associated with the process.

4. BlanX – White Shock Formula

BlanX’s White Shock Formula toothpaste is unique on this list. It’s actually designed to mimic in-chair light-activated whitening systems like Zoom! but as a toothpaste. It does this by working in conjunction with BlanX’s LED whitening tool. The whitening device activates the whitening properties of the toothpaste for a brighter, whiter smile.

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